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Get to know about Juarez Landscaping

We pride ourselves in taking outdoor spaces and making them beautifully functional and Enduringly pleasurable. Our exciting new approaches to traditional landscaping challenges result in outdoor living spaces your family can cherish forever.

Whatever you have in mind, Juarez Landscaping helps add value to your property and to your life!

How We Got Started

The history of the company begins after leaving our birthplace, Guatemala, We arrived in the United States in 2001 in search of a better future, a reality that would take me nearly two decades, after years of effort and entrepreneurship.
Like many immigrants, I made my way into the competitive country by developing in the area of restaurant customer service. But it was only by chance that I discovered my true passion: outdoor maintenance and landscaping.

Amilcar's first approach to landscaping was planting of 16,000 tulips, a task assigned in the same restaurant where he used to worked. As a result of this experience, the idea of a business that would have its first outbreak in 2016 was born. In cooperation with his brother Walter, who was already familiar with basic gardening, they took action working construction and landscaping on their spare time.


Our Team