Whatever Mother Nature throws your way, Designing Nature is here to take care of it. Our residential and commercial lawn care and snow removal services keep your outdoor space clean, safe, and meticulously maintained for year-round, carefree enjoyment.

Juarez landscaping service maintains the most reliable and time-sensitive snow removal and ice control services necessary to make your property as safe as possible during severe winter weather. With over 20 years of experience, we have the resources and knowledge to handle all of your snow removal needs.
Snow Removal service details:

  • Servicing commercial, industrial, and residential properties
  • Snow removal & ice control for driveways, parking lots, and commercial/industrial lots
  • Ice Management (salt)
  • No Size Limits!

Juarez offers an unparalleled, comprehensive, 24-hour, on-call snow removal service to ensure the safest of conditions during the dreariest of months. With important obligations appointments and work schedules that do not change due to inclement weather, we ensure that residents can safely come and go from their homes to meet these commitments without interference. Our hard-working staff will ensure that your site is made safe for all residents, walking and vehicular traffic alike.

Juarez offers snow plowing services for main roads in strata complexes and main roads/parking lots on commercial sites. Our snow clearing technique uses trucks with a plow attached to the front to push and pull snow towards the side of the road so vehicles can safely pass through. We keep a keen eye on developing weather patterns so our plows can be the first on-site to clear accumulating snow. We follow up our plowing service with our comprehensive de-icing service to ensure that roads remain clear and safe for as long as possible.

Juarez comprehensive, ecological de-icing service caters mainly to our larger customer bases by having trucks and crew members on-call to ensure a safe outdoor environment for all residents and visitors. For multi-unit strata complexes, we de-ice main roads, public walkways, visitor parking stalls and common areas (individual entryways and driveways completed by special request). For commercial properties, our areas of application include parking lots and public walkways/entryways.

In times of excess snow accumulation, Juarez offers snow blowing and hand-shoveling services for areas with high foot traffic (eg., common walkways, visitor parking stalls, mail kiosk areas and clubhouse walkways and entryways). Just as roadways are plowed and then de-iced, walkways are cleared of snow with snow blowers and shovels and then de-iced by hand. This is part of our comprehensive, production-style method, which ensures that much-needed traction is developed once the snow has been removed from the surface.

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We understand that you contact our service to ensure safety on your property. Juarez landscaping takes your goal seriously and always offers high caliber service to every client from the smallest residential need to the largest parking lot.

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We willingly pick up a shovel when necessary to clean out all the areas that might compromise the safety to people on your property. Our crew not only shovels walkways but will shovel out your path to your oil tank, mailbox, stairs, decks, porches and other paths you may need to travel.